Service Dept

Commercial/Medical Electronics, Inc. (CME) was originally founded in 1976 as an independent biomedical equipment service organization.  CME is now one of the oldest medical equipment service organizations in the United States.
Beginning as an independent service contractor for many USA based medical equipment manufacturers,  CME expanded over the years to include a large hospital and clinic based business.
CME has infused a strong professional attitude into all aspects of our medical equipment, and facility services.  Our technicians strive to maintain a caring disposition with a strong empathy for our customers' needs and requirements.
CME technicians are among the finest trained in the world.  Starting with a college degree in Biomedical Electronics, we continue with factory level education, and training programs. Combined with in-house training in many areas, we make it an every day challenge to keep pace with the medical fields constantly changing technologies.
Hospital and clinics are offered an extensive medical facility Preventative Maintenance (PM) equipment program.  Our Clinical Engineering Management (CEM) Program supplies a complete comprehensive program for the medical community, which meets or exceeds all regulation requirements set forth by state and national agencies.
CME promotes and maintains membership status with the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI).  Our staff includes many technicians that have become AAMI certified.
CME is also a member of Medical Equipment Repair Associates (MERA®).  Our Company is the direct field service representative for many of the finest medical equipment manufacturers in the world.  For more information, see the MERA® website.